Black Belt in
Creating Content
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Group begins on August 15

In this 2-week 🔴 LIVE course, you'll learn how to become a value-driven creator 😍, grow your audience 🚀 and attract high-paying clients 🤑.

Are you tired of

😫 Not knowing how to create content people care about

Then you probably also struggle with how to structure your content, write your titles, and get people's attention in the 1-second world. I get you; I've been there too.

😤 Your audience is not growing or grows slowly

No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work? So you spend way too much time on Instagram for little to no results and maybe already thinking about giving up.

😡 Not knowing how to find new clients on Instagram

You are inconsistent in posting new content in your feed and stories because you do not understand how to align your content with your ideal client's problems, goals, and fears?

So was I. Overcome all of these struggles by joining "Black Belt in Creating Content" LIVE course. Group begins on August 15.

I've been exactly where you are.

Hi, I'm Vahur, your teacher. I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing and branding. I started my online business in March 2021 during the lockdown. I've gone through every roadblock you can imagine, from struggling to find the next client to hiring great people for my team. I've felt stuck a long time. But I finally "cracked the code" and figured out an approach that works. And now, I want to share my knowledge so you can grow your audience and start attracting new paying clients with as few setbacks as possible.

🚀 I grew over 20 000 followers in just 45 days

🤑 I made my first $10,000 in 3 months after starting

🏖 I quit my 9 to 5 at a digital marketing agency in 5 months

My life then—2020

😫 I felt stuck in my 9 to 5 day job, and I traded my 40 hours a week for money to get by

😴 I was constantly feeling burnt out and overwhelmed

😡 I didn't have time to myself and money for traveling

My life now—2022

🤑 I have no employees; my team of all-star 
freelancers handles it all, even when I sleep

😇 I have time to exercise, walk, read, learn and grow

😌 I travel and work from wherever I want

2 weeks from now, this could also be your life.

😍️ "I create content people love, and I get desired engagement."

⏰️ "I spend less time on Instagram, but I get more results."

🤑️ "I don't need to sell my services; my content does all the work."

😌 "I worry less about money because I control my habits and actions."

💕 "My friends & family love how much time I have for them."

🏖️ "I work max 5 hours a day, and I take a full week off every 3 months."

👥 "I'm traveling the world while my team takes care of everything."

What people are saying

"I got better at content creation and attracting more paying customers."
Siim Land
@siimland—Biohacking Coach from Estonia
"I thought I needed more followers to make sales, I needed better content."
Francesco Vesio
@francescovesh—Soccer and Nutrition Coach from Canada
"Vahur's content creation skills are one of the best ones on Instagram."
Hrabren Bankov
@marketingharry—Social Media Marketing Coach from Bulgaria
"Vahur's content is well written, he drops great value on Instagram."
Jeremy Mura
@thejeremymura—Designer & Educator from Australia
"Coaching sessions with Vahur are a lot of fun and full of actionable steps."
Tyler Archer
@thetylerarcher—Sales Coach from New Zealand


Black Belt in
Creating Content
LIVE Course

In this 2-week 🔴 LIVE course, you'll learn how to become a value-driven creator 😍, grow your audience 🚀 and attract new paying clients 🤑.

During the 2 week experience, you'll enjoy 4 unforgettable workshops and 2 Q&A live sessions with me while connecting with other community members on the same path.

The Black Belt in Creating Content group coaching course is the same system I used to attract high-paying clients from scratch, which gave me the freedom to travel and work wherever I wanted.

I've shared these concepts with my private coaching clients. I've also shared my learnings with over 23,000 community members on my Instagram page.

And now, I want to share my knowledge with you, so you can grow your audience and start attracting new paying clients with as few setbacks as possible.

Why Instagram?

1.0 billion active users

Everyone is going to Instagram at some point during the day. Even if they are in love with other platforms like Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

Best platform to connect

It's made for people to stick around and for you to create various types of content. Your potential clients will be able to connect with you genuinely.

What you will learn


Pick your niche

It's crucial to focus on your niche, especially when you're just starting. You'll learn how to specialize successfully.

Define ideal client

Do you really know your ideal client? I'm not talking about demographics. But their problems, goals, fears, and dreams.

Set up IG profile

You'll learn how to set up your Instagram profile for success. Attract your ideal clients and be the only go to person for them.

Content strategy

Strategy without proper tactics is the slowest route to victory. Build your content pillars and show up as an expert.

Create content

Content truly is your new currency. Learn how to create content that attracts, nurtures & converts strangers into clients.

Copy + storytelling

The way you write and talk is crucial. To ignite interest in your audience, you'll learn proven structures that all the movies use.

Plan & schedule

Without proper planning and scheduling strategy, it's very easy to burn out. I've been there, and you don't have to!

Design your content

What software to use to create your carousels and reels? How to use them effectively and save tons of time.

And more!

You'll learn all my secrets about creating content, closing sales, and other hacks and tricks to boost your growth.

You will learn the same secrets used by the top brands and entrepreneurs in the world. Limited spots available!

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What you will get

🏖 4 Unforgettable Live Sessions with Vahur

Don't worry if you can't attend live sessions. I will record everything and deliver it to you after the class ends. My private coaching rate is $500/hr, so this value is accurate.



🏖 2 Q&A Live Calls to Solve Ongoing Problems

In these Q&A classes, I will solve every problem and question. So again, don't worry if you can't attend. Everything will be recorded.



📝 Exclusive Worksheets, Resources & Exercises

Each session comes with exclusive worksheets, resources, and exercises to guarantee you get results. It will save you many months of valuable time.



🥋 Lifetime Access to Black Belt Community

Share wins, get support from my team and me, and network in my exclusive Black Belt Creators Community. Everybody is on the same path as you!



🏖 Additional Incredible Bonus Resources

These incredible bonuses (role-plays, challenges, and gifts) are worth the total price of this course. Don't miss out! This course will never be the same price again! Ever!



Get started now.

Limited spots available!



📚 The Course (4 live workshops & 2 Q&A Live calls, worksheets, resources, exercises & ALL bonuses)

🎬 Lifetime access to all of this group recordings and course materials

🥋 Lifetime access to the Black Belt Creators private community


or 3 payments of $187



🏖️ Everything in Essential

Lifetime access to all future course updates, including live recordings, videos, worksheets, and bonuses

‍🎓 FREE access to my next live group Q&A live calls to reinforce your learning


or 3 payments of $277



🥇️ Everything in Premium

🚀 Two exclusive private coaching sessions with Vahur ($1,000 value)

🎓 FREE lifetime access to ALL future live group Q&A calls to solve ongoing problems as a Premium member


paid in full only

If you are not satisfied,

I'm not satisfied—

14-day money-back promise.

I want to make your investment in this course an absolute no-brainer.

Join me for all of the live sessions and if you still don't find the course valuable, just let me know, and I'll happily refund your full payment within 14 days of the start of the course.

There will be no risk for you at all. The only risk for you now is the risk of not taking action. Imagine what will your life look like if you don't take action? Is how you are living right now good enough for you? Or do you want something more? Only you know the answers.

I have prepared an amazing course for you, and I can't wait to see you there.

2 weeks from now, you know everything to...

✍️ Create content people are excited about

🚀 Your Instagram audience finally starts to grow

😇 Attract new paying clients without hard selling

This course is for you if you want to

attract new clients from Instagram

by creating amazing content.

🚀 Entrepreneurs

‍💻 Founders

👩 Solopreneurs

🏅 Coaches

🎤 Speakers

‍💼 Business owners

👩‍ Freelancers

‍💼 Consultants

📚 Authors

👨‍ Experts

👩‍ Creatives

✍️ Bloggers

💪 Personal trainers

🎙 Podcasters

‍🏫 Educators

👨‍ Designers

🎨 Artists

⚖️ Lawyers

⚙️ Developers

🤳 Influencers

👋 You!

Some things to consider

🏖 Limited spots available!

Black Belt on Content will sell out. Be one of the few who gets in for my first group. Do not wait to take action.

🏖 Exclusive founder pricing

Exclusive founder pricing for my first group only. Black Belt in Creating Content live course will never be the same price again. Ever!

🗓 "I wish I had this 2 years ago"

The following 2 weeks are going to pass. So don't be that person who looks back and realizes that this opportunity could change your life.

🔴 I won't teach it live forever

Exclusive opportunity to experience the course live with me! Don't miss out on the extra value. My private coaching rate is $500/hr.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The 2-week course starts on August 15 and runs until August 28. Live sessions take place 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12 pm EDT/9 am PDT/5 pm CET (see conversion). Monday's and Wednesday’s live sessions will include 60-90 minutes of teaching, and Friday's live session is an open Q&A where you'll be able to ask me any questions you want directly.

How much time do I need to invest in this course?

Expect to attend 3 live sessions per week. Each session is about 60-90 minutes long. Also, there will be exercises between sessions. Can you make time for a whole season of Netflix? So you can attend 3 powerful transforming sessions a week with me too.

I have a small following; will it work for me?

Yes! I have one-on-one students, and it worked for them, and it will work for you too. It's not about the quantity of the followers but the quality of the followers. Which one would you choose? 50,000 followers that don't care about your services and don't buy anything. Or 500 followers that are your fans and purchase anything from you?

I am scared to invest because other courses didn't work.

I get you. Many courses out there promise something, but they don't deliver the transformation they promise. They don't give any money back guarantees too. I believe in the Black Belt in Creating Content course, and it has worked for me. That's why I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that ensures your investment is risk-free during all the course.

Do I have to attend every single live session?

No! I understand sometimes it's just impossible to participate. It's just life, you know. You don't have to attend any of them live, but you'll have a lot of fun if you do. You can access all of the live sessions immediately after, and if you want, you can even watch them at 2x speed.

How long will I have access to the course?

If you purchase the Essential package, you'll have lifetime access to your group course recordings and the bonuses and resources. But if you'd like to have lifetime access to future course updates and enhancements, I recommend picking Premium package.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I do offer payment plans for both my Essential and Premium packages. Both options allow you to pay in 3 installments if you're unable to pay the total amount upfront. But, you will pay slightly more if you go for the installments option. Professional is paid in full only, limited quantity.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures your investment is risk-free. Join me for all of the live lessons, and you still don't find the course useful or don't get results. Write me an email, and I'll refund your full payment within 14 days of the start of the course.

Will I have private sessions with Vahur?

Black Belt in Creating Content is not a one-on-one coaching program; it is a group experience. But you still have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions directly. If you're interested in the additional support and results that one-on-one coaching provides, pick a Professional plan for two private sessions with me (limited quantity).

Can I make it a business expense?

I recommend you consult with your accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional. Many business owners and solopreneurs have been able to write off online courses as education expenses. My bookkeeper Marje is happy to assist you and provide the necessary documentation.

There's no better time to change your life.

Yes, you can do it on your own. You can read 100s of books about marketing, sales, business, and psychology. You can watch 1000s of hours of videos on Youtube. You can make many business mistakes and learn things the hard way. Feel free to do it.

Or you can also do it the Black Belt in Creating Content way, invest your money to buy back your valuable time. Get the results you deserve in 2 weeks. I will get you there as fast as possible.

The following 2 weeks are going to pass. Do you want to be the person who thinks back and wonders, "What if I had signed up?"