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#2: Creator’s Tuesday — July 26, 2022

Vahur Singa


Today’s quote of the week comes from Jeffrey Gitomer:

“Everyone hates to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy.”


1. Book I started last week – Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley.

As the quote of the week says, it is crucial to write texts in a way that makes your audience want to engage with you. There’s a huge difference between saying ALMOST the right thing and THE right thing.

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time creating and updating my website texts. Like many other copywriters, I struggled to choose the best versions.

“Am I over-thinking it?”

“Should I start over?”

That’s why I picked up this book, which has cleared up many things for me.

That’s why you should never stop learning.


2. A game-changing copywriting app

If you follow me, you know it’s important to keep your texts easy to understand. I always say: if a 5th grader doesn’t understand your text, it’s too complicated.

Hemingway app is an awesome tool that helps to keep your texts crisp & understandable.

Just paste in your paragraph, and the app will instantly highlight parts that are too lengthy or dense. Not only – Hemingway app also gives you feedback on which phrases are unnecessary, could be shortened, or use an overly passive voice.


3. Notion templates that save hundreds of hours

In last week’s newsletter, I outlined a list of essential tools for online businesses. Many of you were curious to learn more about Notion. I understand, picking up this powerful tool can be daunting at first.

The good news is, that you don’t need to create templates on your own. Landmarklabs has prepared 49 awesome templates for content planning, analysis, budgeting, prototyping, and so much more. Find what works for you, implement it, and elevate your business! All you need to do is create a free account.


4. A must-have Youtube subscription for creators

David Perell is one of the best online writers of our time. He used his blog to build a multi-million dollar online empire.

Now he’s tapping into Youtube, and I must say that the value and expertise he offers in his videos are crazy.

If you’re interested in story-telling and creating impactful content, check out his channel.

You will find case studies about global celebrities and insightful tips about not just writing but, more importantly, about how to think like a great writer.


See you again next week.


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Sven Nuum
Sven Nuum
I don't know anybody who has deep-dived into content marketing and social media like Vahur. The way he writes using copywriting persuasion principles and communicates with his audience is outstanding.
Mihkel Vetemaa
Mihkel Vetemaa
Only some people understand the social media game and how to tap into human psychology to stop the scroll. Vahur is really passionate about content writing and systemizing it. It's surprising how his content always gets attention.
Mardo Männimägi
Mardo Männimägi
He is a charming person who knows how to listen. Vahur has given me great advice on growing my businesses and podcast. To grow on social media through content, you need to think strategically, which he knows how to do.