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#16: Creator’s Tuesday — November 01, 2022

Vahur Singa


Today’s quote of the week comes from Simon Sinek:

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”


1. Essential storytelling framework

Let me quickly remind you of some of my firm beliefs: Copywriting is the most important skill to master for making money online, and storytelling is a vital tool for creating compelling copy.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with using proven frameworks to make your life easier and not reinvent the wheel with every piece of writing. There are many proven frameworks to master, but here’s a good one to start with.

I highly recommend checking out this breakdown of a simple and effective 7-step storytelling framework by Manasvi soni:

  1. This is the situation
  2. Here’s the problem
  3. Here’s why it’s hard to solve
  4. Here’s the solution
  5. Here’s how it makes your life easy
  6. Here’s the result
  7. Here’s how you can get it too


2. Overlooked marketing insights

People proudly share insightful sources for learning about marketing and psychology. But they miss one which has so much to teach is ALWAYS under our noses: self-reflection.

As per Dan Koe’s post on LinkedIn:

Self-awareness will teach you marketing better than any course.

Why did you like that post?
Why did you share it?
Why did you click?
Why did you buy?

Extract the marketing lessons from your own thought process.

Marketing is applied psychology, and you can study it at any time.


3. How to craft an open email

A crucial step for scaling your income when growing a business on Instagram is building an email list.

However, if you’re not wary, easy-to-avoid mistakes can make your efforts result in nothing. Such as when your emails start ending up in the spam filter.

A way to avoid it is a strong opening email, and Jasper Polak has compiled a comprehensive thread about how to get this right.

I recommend reading it and implementing the takeaways into your mailing list or if you’re not yet building a mailing list, bookmark this thread for when you get to it.


See you again next week.


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Sven Nuum
Sven Nuum
I don't know anybody who has deep-dived into content marketing and social media like Vahur. The way he writes using copywriting persuasion principles and communicates with his audience is outstanding.
Mihkel Vetemaa
Mihkel Vetemaa
Only some people understand the social media game and how to tap into human psychology to stop the scroll. Vahur is really passionate about content writing and systemizing it. It's surprising how his content always gets attention.
Mardo Männimägi
Mardo Männimägi
He is a charming person who knows how to listen. Vahur has given me great advice on growing my businesses and podcast. To grow on social media through content, you need to think strategically, which he knows how to do.